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    The South Western Circle was formed in 1962 as a correspondence group to co-ordinate and share the results of research into the London & South Western Railway. From this informal group the Circle has developed into a Society with a membership of over 500, managed by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in January of each year. Although the collection and dissemination of information about the LSWR remains the Circle’s foremost objective, the needs of Railway Modellers are also recognised.
    The Circle's current aims are:-
    1. To assist members to enhance their knowledge of the LSWR.
    2. To encourage members to research into all aspects of the LSWR, both during and after the period of its independent existence.
    3. To assist more accurate modelling of the LSWR through the provision of scale drawings and components.
    Members enjoy the following facilities:-
    1. South Western Circular,
      a quarterly publication containing articles and features on all aspects of the LSWR, both prototype and model. It usually consists of 32 to 40 A5 pages including articles, photographs and drawings contributed by members.
    2. Circle News,
      sent each quarter containing news of the Circle's activities, membership and updates of the Sales, Drawings and Portfolio Services.
    3. Published Drawings List, (Currently out of print),
      a comprehensive index of all published drawings relating to the LSWR.
    4. Membership List,
      which is regularly updated to encourage and facilitate informal contact between members and includes details of interests.
    5. Meetings,
      including the A.G.M., are held in the London area, Guildford and Salisbury, and are addressed by speakers on matters of LSWR interest. Members are encouraged to bring along models, drawings and items of interest which afterwards can form the basis of enjoyable discussion.
    6. Drawing Service,
      provides for sale an extensive range of scale drawings of locomotives, rolling stock, buildings and track plans.
    7. Sales Service,
      provides the modeller with a variety of castings and kits in 4mm and 7mm scales along with a selected range of other products including books.
    8. Portfolio Service,
      containing photographs, references to published materials and members notes on a wide variety of topics, are available on loan.
    Membership is open to anyone interested in the LSWR and who shares the Circle's aims. Interests are not confined to the pre-grouping period and those interested in later periods are equally welcomed. The committee however reserves the right to decline membership. An annual subscription is payable on joining and renewed each year on 1st September.
    The current rate is: £17.50 per annum for members in the UK.
    £29.10 per annum for members in Europe.
    £35.80 per annum for members outside Europe (Airmail).
    Applications for membership should be made by printing the Membership Application Form and mailing it with the appropriate subscription to the address shown on the Form.