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A number of documents are available to be downloaded. These are listed below showing the format(s) in which each document is available and the size of the download. (If no size is shown the document is not available in that format).

Item Format
Ms Word Ms Excel
Membership Application form 30Kb  
Sales List   60Kb
Tatchell Photo Collection 190Kb  
To download a document, either click on the size, or right click and select 'Save Target As'.

Depending on what software is installed on your computer and how your browser and security are configured a number of things may happen.

a) The document is displayed in your browser. In this case, select Save As... on the file menu to save the document.

b) A download file dialog is displayed. In this case select the folder you wish to save the file in (and optionally change the file name) to save the document.

c) The security settings will prevent the download, possibly warning that some file types can be dangerous. The action required to override the security settings depends on the security software, and in some cases may not be possible. For example you might see an attention bar across the top of the browser saying the download has been supressed and to click on the bar for options. Doing this will enable you to continue the download.