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Drawings - Goods Stock

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SWC NoSizeScaleQual ityDescription^Drwg NoSrc
SWC/MFW/012A211/2"-1'A ? - 18', 12T Open goods (wood u/f)SR13897MF
SWC/G/21A212mm/ft10 ton Cattle wagon 1507
SWC/G/65A212mm/ft10 ton Cattle wagon, large 1506 see SWC/G/2 for details of S&DJR version
SWC/G/22A212mm/ft10 ton Cattle wagon, medium 1508
SWC/G/51A212mm/ft10 ton Covered goods van 1408/9
SWC/G/63A212mm/ft10 ton Covered goods van 1410
SWC/G/46A212mm/ft10 ton Covered goods wagon 1406
SWC/G/15A212mm/ft10 ton Covered van, high sided, sliding doors
SWC/G/04A37mm/ft10 ton Covered van, hinged doors
SWC/G/14A212mm/ft10 ton Covered van, low sided sliding door
SWC/G/67A212mm/ft10 ton Double bolster wagon (S&DJR) 1596
SWC/G/17A212mm/ft10 ton Double bolster wagon, 22'6" 1595
SWC/G/48A212mm/ft10 ton Goods brake van (S&DJR)
SWC/G/45A212mm/ft10 ton Goods brake van with pass. compartment 1548
SWC/G/33A212mm/ft10 ton Goods brake van, 4 wheel 1541
SWC/G/43A212mm/ft10 ton Grain hopper wagon 1711
SWC/G/64A212mm/ft10 ton Insulated covered van 1463
SWC/G/69A212mm/ft10 ton Low floor road vehicle truck, 22' long 1644
SWC/G/29A212mm/ft10 ton Meat van with timber underframe 1484
SWC/G/01A37mm/ft10 ton Open Wagon 15'4" timber frame & elliptical ends
SWC/G/57A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon 5 plank 1313
SWC/G/58A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon 6 plank (S&DJR) 1306
SWC/G/72A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon, 2 plank No 304 (S&DJR) 1307
SWC/G/16A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon, 4 plank with timber u/frame 1309
SWC/G/74A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon, 5 plank (S&DJR) 1305
SWC/G/73A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon, 5 plank with timber u/frame and Morton brakes 1311
SWC/G/24A212mm/ft10 ton Open wagon, 5p with steel underframe 1309
SWC/G/39A212mm/ft10 ton Open, 5 plank with steel u/frame and Panter's cross-lever brake gear 1310
SWC/G/28A212mm/ft10 ton Plate glass wagon 1671
SWC/G/54A212mm/ft10 ton Road vehicle truck, 17' 1642
SWC/G/25A212mm/ft10 ton Road vehicle truck, 28' 1645
SWC/G/66A212mm/ft10 ton Single bolster wagon 1594
SWC/G/31A212mm/ft10/12/15t Open wagon, 1 plank for stone traffic 1308
SWC/G/26A212mm/ft12 ton Low machine truck on steel underframe 1673
SWC/G/38A212mm/ft12 ton Open goods, 8 plank on std. steel u/frame 1314
SWC/G/75A212mm/ft12/15 ton Open goods wagon, 8 plank 1316
SWC/G/44A212mm/ft12/20 ton Machinery trucks, 4 & 6 wheel 1674/5
SWC/G/37A212mm/ft15 ton Open wagon, 4 plank for stone traffic (SR 1933 built version, ex-LSW vehicles (detail diff) 1317
SWC/G/35A212mm/ft15'4" Covered goods wagon as designed by Wlm. Adams
SWC/G/34A212mm/ft18 ton Goods brake van, 6 wheel 1542
SWC/G/32A212mm/ft18'6" Goods brake van, 4 wheel (1882)
SWC/MFW/020A011/2"-1'B1873 - 15'4" Meat van1922D
SWC/MFW/006A211/2"-1'D1874 - 18'6" Goods Brake van1979MF
SWC/MFW/019A011/2"-1'C1876 - 16' Road Vehicle truck2230D
SWC/MFW/023A011/2"-1'B1876 - 16'9" Cattle wagon2164D
SWC/MFW/022A011/2"-1'C1876 - 18'6" Goods Brake van2249D
SWC/MFW/001A2C1877 - 21' 5" 6 wheel Platform TruckMF
SWC/MFW/002A211/2"-1'B1877 - 15'4" Covered Goods wagon2295MF
SWC/MFW/005A211/2"-1'C1878 - 16'9" Cattle wagon2404MF
SWC/MFW/003A211/2"-1'B1878 - 23' Rail & Batten wagon2553MF
SWC/MFW/010A211/2"-1'B1879 - 18' Cattle truck2696MF
SWC/MFW/008A211/2"-1'C1885 - 13' Timber truck (Right side OK)4925MF
SWC/MFW/004A211/2"-1'C1888 - 23' Batten wagonMF
SWC/MFW/013A011/2"-1'D1898 - 15'4" Open goods (5p, r/e, tarp.)739D
SWC/MFW/018A011/2"-1'D1906 - 18'81/2" Special Cattle wagon, amd21525D
SWC/MFW/017A011/2"-1'C1910 - 18' Covered Goods, wood u/f1928D
SWC/MFW/016A011/2"-1'C1910 - 20' Goods Brake amd2, steel u/f1956D
SWC/MFW/014A011/2"-1'C1911 - 15'4" Open goods (square end, tarp.)2002D
SWC/G/12A31/32nd20 ton Brake van (War Office)
SWC/G/11bA31/32nd20 ton Brake van, end view and plan
SWC/G/11aA31/32nd20 ton Brake van, side view
SWC/G/61A212mm/ft20 ton Goods brake van 1545
SWC/G/60A212mm/ft20 ton Goods brake van (S&DJR)
SWC/G/59A212mm/ft20/24 ton Goods brake van 1544
SWC/G/49A212mm/ft20/24 ton Goods brake van 1543
SWC/G/06A11/24th25 ton Bogie open wagon
SWC/G/13A37mm/ft26' Goods, guards & drovers van (Seaton Brake)
SWC/G/68A28mm/ft40 ton Bogie bolster wagon 1597
SWC/G/27A28mm/ft40 ton Bogie rail wagon 1789/90
SWC/G/18A212mm/ft6w 31' Road vehicle truck/long sleeper wagon 1647/1787
SWC/G/05A47mm/ft7 ton Gunpowder van
SWC/G/70A212mm/ft7 ton Gunpowder van 1701
SWC/G/30A212mm/ft7/10t Open wagon, 3 plank with timber underframe and Morton brakes 1301
SWC/G/03A31/32nd8 ton Cattle wagon, 11' w/b
SWC/G/47A212mm/ft8 ton Cattle wagon, large 150
SWC/G/23A212mm/ft8 ton Cattle wagon, special 1040
SWC/G/50A212mm/ft8 ton Covered goods van (S&DJR) 1403
SWC/G/19A212mm/ft8 ton Insulated (refrigerated) van 1462
SWC/G/20A212mm/ft8 ton Meat van 1483
SWC/G/55A212mm/ft8 ton Open wagon, 3 plank (S&DJR) 1732
SWC/G/42A212mm/ft8 ton Open wagon, 5 plank (S&DJR) 1304
SWC/G/53A212mm/ft8 ton Single bolster wagons (S&DJR) 1591/2
SWC/G/36A212mm/ft8 ton Ventilated covered goods van for fruit/meat 1401/81
SWC/G/52A212mm/ft8/10 ton Cattle wagon, large (S&DJR) 1505
SWC/G/62A212mm/ft8/10 ton Covered goods van (S&DJR) 1404
SWC/G/71A212mm/ft8/10 ton Open wagon 2 plank No 296 (S&DJR) 1307
SWC/G/41A212mm/ftArrgt. of Dean & Churchward brake on LSW open wagons
SWC/G/09A31/72ndas above with Dean & Churchward brake
SWC/MFW/007A211/2"-1'Cc.1894 - 13' Timber truck259MF
SWC/MFW/015A011/2"-1'Dc.1914 - 18', 12T Open gds (high, steel u/f)2403D
SWC/G/02A31/32ndCattle truck, (S&DJR - LSWR design)
SWC/MFW/009A211/2"-1'Duplicate of 008 (Left side OK)
SWC/G/40A2ntsExamples of goods lettering
SWC/G/10A37mm/ftOpen wagon, 15'4" as designed 1881
SWC/G/08A31/72ndOpen wagon, 5 plank on steel underframe
SWC/G/07A31/72ndOpen wagon, 5 plank on timber underframe