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Drawings - Departmental Goods Stock

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SWC NoSizeScaleDescription^
SWC/D/01A37mm/ft10 ton Ballast brake van -
SWC/D/09A212mm/ft10 ton Ballast brake van (S&DJR) -
SWC/D/05A212mm/ft10 ton Ballast brake van 1736
SWC/D/07A212mm/ft10 ton Ballast plough & brake vans 1737
SWC/D/04A212mm/ft10 ton Sleeper wagon, 24' long 1784
SWC/D/06A212mm/ft12 ton Ballast hopper wagon 1734
SWC/D/08A28mm/ft40 ton Bogie ballast hopper wagon 1735
SWC/D/10A212mm/ft7/8/10 ton Ballast wagons, 2 plank 1731
SWC/D/02A37mm/ft8 ton Ballast wagon, 2 plank -
SWC/D/03A37mm/ft8 ton Ballast wagon, 3 plank -