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Drawings - Buildings

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SWC NoSizeScaleDescription^
SWC/B/44A21/4Aldershot "B" signal box
SWC/B/62A1"/ftAlresford cattle dock
SWC/B/26A27mm/ftAxminster Gates signal box
SWC/B/35A21/4Bideford : steelwork for bridge 117
SWC/B/34A21/8Bideford : steelwork for bridge 118
SWC/B/09A37mm/ftBishops Waltham water tower
SWC/B/38bA27mm/ftBodmin goods shed
SWC/B/38aA17mm/ftBodmin goods shed
SWC/B/40A112mm/ftBodmin signal box
SWC/B/39bA27mm/ftBodmin station buildings
SWC/B/39aA17mm/ftBodmin station buildings
SWC/B/27A37mm/ftBroome crossing box
SWC/B/25A24mm/ftCannington viaduct
SWC/B/04A14mm/ftChard Junction goods shed
SWC/B/06bA32,4mm/ftChard Junction station buildings
SWC/B/06aA14mm/ftChard Junction station buildings
SWC/B/11aA27mm/ftClaygate goods shed
SWC/B/11bA27mm/ftClaygate goods shed
SWC/B/11cA27mm/ftClaygate goods shed
SWC/B/10bA21/24thClaygate signal box
SWC/B/10aA21/24thClaygate signal box
SWC/B/43A24mm/ftCoombe & Malden station building, 1884
SWC/B/42bA212mm/ftCosham signal box
SWC/B/42aA212mm/ftCosham signal box
SWC/B/56A24mm/ftGreen Berry (nr Holmsley) overbridge
SWC/B/05A412mm/ftGuildford (London Road) cast iron roof pillar & bracket
SWC/B/03A27mm/ftGuildford (London Road) signal cabin
SWC/B/37A14mm/ftHalwill Junction station building outline
SWC/B/60A23/16"/ftHavenstreet station building, as rebuilt in 1926
SWC/B/49A24,7mm/ftHolmsley signal box
SWC/B/19A27mm/ftHoniton shelter, up side
SWC/B/20bA24mm/ftHoniton station building, down side
SWC/B/20aA24mm/ftHoniton station building, down side
SWC/B/36A11/4Landcross viaduct
SWC/B/55A24mm/ftLeigh Common (nr Wimborne) road overbridge
SWC/B/30A31/32ndLSWR steel bridge for footpath over railway
SWC/B/14A27mm/ftLyme Regis engine shed
SWC/B/17aA27mm/ftLyme Regis goods shed
SWC/B/17bA27mm/ftLyme Regis goods shed
SWC/B/18bA31/4Lyme Regis signal box
SWC/B/18aA27mm/ftLyme Regis signal box
SWC/B/16aA17mm/ftLyme Regis station buildings (final form)
SWC/B/16bA27mm/ftLyme Regis station buildings (final form)
SWC/B/15bA27mm/ftLyme Regis station buildings (original form)
SWC/B/15aA27mm/ftLyme Regis station buildings (original form)
SWC/B/50A12,4mm/ftOkehampton goods shed
SWC/B/46A112mm/ftPadstow signal box
SWC/B/45A14mm/ftPadstow station buildings
SWC/B/47A34mm/ftPadstow water tower
SWC/B/02A27mm/ftPoole cast iron footbridge, 1872
SWC/B/21A31/32ndPoole station platform canopy (part of)
SWC/B/51bA212mm/ftRomsey signal box
SWC/B/51aA212mm/ftRomsey signal box
SWC/B/22A24mm/ftSidmouth branch bridges 1 & 2
SWC/B/08A27mm/ftSidmouth engine shed
SWC/B/48A14mm/ftSidmouth goods shed & weighbridge office
SWC/B/24A24mm/ftSouth Molton Road station buildings
SWC/B/12A21/8Standard iron fencing
SWC/B/54A24mm/ftStrawberry Hill depot coal stage, 1897
SWC/B/53A24mm/ftStrawberry Hill depot water tank house, 1897
SWC/B/57aA14mm/ftStrawberry Hill loco depot, as built in 1897
SWC/B/57bA14mm/ftStrawberry Hill loco depot, as built in 1897
SWC/B/33A14mm/ftTorrington station building
SWC/B/07A34mm/ftTypical small platform shelter (Whimple)
SWC/B/31A12mm/ftWadebridge engine shed
SWC/B/32A17mm/ftWadebridge goods shed
SWC/B/29A17mm/ftWalton-on-Thames goods warehouse
SWC/B/28A17mm/ftWalton-on-Thames water tower
SWC/B/01A412mm/ftWater standpipe
SWC/B/58A14mm/ftWest Meon station building
SWC/B/59A12mm/ftWest Meon viaduct
SWC/B/52A24mm/ftWhitchurch station buildings
SWC/B/41aA312mm/ftWhitley signal box
SWC/B/41bA212mm/ftWhitley signal box
SWC/B/13A37mm/ftWooden fencing specification
SWC/B/61cA24mm/ftWorplesdon platform shelters, 1882
SWC/B/61aA24mm/ftWorplesdon station building, 1882
SWC/B/61bA24mm/ftWorplesdon station building, 1882
SWC/B/23dA24mm/ftYeovil Town engine shed
SWC/B/23cA24mm/ftYeovil Town engine shed
SWC/B/23bA24mm/ftYeovil Town engine shed
SWC/B/23aA24mm/ftYeovil Town engine shed