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Drawings - Signaling

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SWC NoSizeScaleDescription^
SWC/S/04A412mm/ftGround signals (2 types)
SWC/S/02A212mm/ftLattice mast (25ft), home & distant
SWC/S/05A41/8Point rodding compensator
SWC/S/06A21/4Shunting signal arm
SWC/S/01bA21/4Signal details: Cast finial, wooden finial lamphouse
SWC/S/01aA21/8Signal details: General arrangement
SWC/S/01eA21/4, 1/8Signal details: Home signal arm, pivot shaft retainer, back aspect, platform assy, SR upper quad bearing plate
SWC/S/01cA21/4Signal details: Lamp bracket, front & rear bearing plate
SWC/S/01dA21/4Signal details: Shunt & calling-on sign, 3 LBSCR arms
SWC/S/03A31"/ftStandard signal fitments