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A Chronology of Southern Locomotives - vol 1 Pre-GroupingNoodle Books£12.00
A Further Look at Southampton Quayside Steam Kestrel Railway Books£14.40
A Historical Survey of Southern ShedsOPC£16.00
A Lifetime in Traction Kestrel Railway Books£12.00
A Pictorial Guide to Southern Wagons and Vans Kestrel Railway Books£20.00
A Pictorial Parade of Southern Region Road VehiclesNoodle Books£11.20
An Artist Among the Ashes: A photographic record at the very end of Southern Region SteamNoodle Books£16.00
An Illustrated History of Eastleigh Locomotive WorksOPC£16.00
An Illustrated History of Exmoor's RailwaysIrwell Press£12.00
An Illustrated History of Plymouth's RailwaysIrwell Press£10.40
An Illustrated History of Southern CoachesOPC£28.00
An Illustrated History of the Isle of Wight Railways: Cowes to NewportIrwell Press£6.40
An Illustrated History of the Kent and East Sussex RailwayOPC£16.00
An Illustrated History of the North Cornwall RailwayIrwell Press£24.00
Andover to Redbridge Kestrel Railway Books£14.40
Aspects of Southern SteamBlack Dwarf Lightmoor£20.00
Atmospheric Southern (OOP)Noodle Books£9.60
Barnstaple and Ilfracombe Railway (OOP)Oakwood Press£4.00
Bideford, Westward Ho!, and Appledore Railway Kestrel Railway Books£14.40
Billinton, Lawson: A Career Cut Short Oakwood Press£11.20
Billinton, Robert: An Engineer under pressureOakwood Press£10.40
BR Blue: Southampton and the New Forest Noodle Books£8.00
Branches and Byways: Sussex and HampshireOPC£28.00
Brighton BelleCapital Transport Publishing£12.00
Brighton Elevated Electrification: A pictorial view of the constructionNoodle Books£8.00
BRILL Special No. 1: Southern Locomotives ShedsIrwell Press£8.00
British Railway Pictorial: The Somerset & Dorset Line Ian Allan£12.00
Brookwood Necropolis RailwayOakwood Press£10.40
Built at Eastleigh (OOP)Waterfront£4.00
Bulleid: Man, Myth and MachineIan Allan£16.00
Castleman's Corkscrew - volume 1 - 19th Century Oakwood Press£12.80
Castleman's Corkscrew - volume 2 - 20th Century and BeyondOakwood Press£16.00
Decline of Southern Steam Capital Transport Publishing£13.60
Dorset Steam Capital Transport Publishing£7.20
Douglas MarshOakwood Press£10.40
Droxford: 1500 years of historyNoodle Books£16.00
Drummond Brothers: Dugald and Peter Drummond Oakwood Press£10.40
East Kent Railway - Volume 1 Oakwood Press£12.00
East Kent Railway - Volume 2 Oakwood Press£12.00
Exeter and Exmouth Railway Oakwood Press£7.20
Exeter Memories - Exmouth Junction RailwaymanNoodle Books£12.00
Fawley Branch Oakwood Press£8.00
Fayle's TramwaysTwelveheads Press£22.40
Final Years of Isle of Wight Steam Ian Allan£12.00
Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway Oakwood Press£12.00
From Devon to Dorset - The Lyme Regis Branch Irwell Press£8.00
George Heiron's Southern: Waterloo to Ilfreacombe Noodle Books£11.20
Hampshire Steam Capital Transport Publishing£7.20
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 1 HampshireNoodle Books£8.80
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 2 SussexNoodle Books£9.60
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 3 WiltshireNoodle Books£9.60
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 4 DevonNoodle Books£9.60
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 5 SomersetNoodle Books£9.60
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 6 Cornwall and West DevonNoodle Books£9.60
Impermanent Ways: The closed Lines of Britain - volume 7 DorsetNoodle Books£9.60
In the Tracks of the ACE Noodle Books£8.80
Industrial Railways of Southern England in ColourNoodle Books£15.00
Isle of Portland Railways - Volume 2: The Weymouth/Portland Railway; The Easton/Church Hope Rly Oakwood Press£10.40
Isle of Portland Railways - Volume 3: The Railway and associated bus services Oakwood Press£11.20
Isle of Wight Central Railway Oakwood Press£18.40
Isle of Wight Here We Come (OOP)Oakwood Press£5.60
Isle of Wight Railway (OOP)Oakwood Press£16.00
Isle of Wight Railways from 1923 onwards Oakwood Press£20.00
Isle of Wight Steam Passenger Rolling StockOakwood Press£9.60
Kent and East Sussex Railway Oakwood Press£7.20
Lines to TorringtonIrwell Press£24.00
Locomotive Compendium - SouthernIan Allan£16.00
Locomotives in Detail 4: The Maunsell King Arthur class Ian Allan£13.60
Locomotives in Detail 6: The Maunsell Schools class Ian Allan£13.60
Locomotives in Detail 8: The Maunsell Lord Nelson class Ian Allan£13.60
London's Disused Stations: LSWR Connor & Butler£7.00
Lost Lines: Southern Ian Allan£10.40
LSWR Carriages: Volume 1 Wild Swan£19.20
LSWR Carriages: Volume 3 Non-Passenger Carriage StockKestrel Railway Books£20.00
LSWR Carriages: Volume 4 Goods, Departmental Stock and MiscellanyKestrel Railway Books£20.00
LSWR Loco Log: A numerical listing of all locomotives Bernard Earley£0.50
LSWR Locomotives: Beattie classes (Don Bradley) A few precious copies!! (OOP)Wild Swan£23.20
LSWR Locomotives: Urie classes (Don Bradley) Covers not perfect!! (OOP)Wild Swan£23.20
Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Oakwood Press£4.80
MacLeod's Other IslandHolne Publishing£18.40
Main Line to the West 1: Basingstoke to SalisburyIrwell Press£21.60
Main Line to the West 2: Salisbury to YeovilIrwell Press£20.00
Main Line to the West 3: Yeovil to Exeter (OOP)Irwell Press£24.00
Main Line to the West 4: Appendicies, Index, Drawings and Branch LinesIrwell Press£24.00
Maunsells SR Steam Carriage Stock Oakwood Press£8.00
Mausell MogulsIan Allan£16.00
Memories of Isle of Wight RailwaysNoodle Books£12.00
Memories of Southern Railways: The South Western Division in the 40's, 50's and 60'sNoodle Books£12.00
Men, Machines & Maintenance at Exmouth JunctionNoodle Books£12.00
Meon Valley Revisited Kestrel Railway Books£8.80
Modelling the Southern 1: Ideas and InspirationNoodle Books£13.20
Modelling the Southern 2: From Locomotives to the LinesideNoodle Books£13.20
Nine Elms Buggleskelly Books£6.00
North Devon Clay Twelveheads Press£16.80
On Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Lines Ian Allan£12.00
On Somerset & Dorset Lines Ian Allan£12.00
Over the Alps on the Watercress Line Oakwood Press£9.60
Pacifics on the South Western Ian Allan£12.00
Photos from the Fifties Collection - Variety on the SouthernNoodle Books£11.20
Portfolio 4 - LSWR Oakwood Press£5.60
Profile of the Southern MogulsOPC£12.00
Pullman PrideNoodle Books£12.00
Rail and Road Transport on the Isle of Portland Oakwood Press£9.60
Rails across the Plain - The Amesbury to Bulford RailwayNoodle Books£16.00
Rails to Poole Harbour - Colin Stone Oakwood Press£12.00
Railways around Clapham Junction Ian Allan£12.00
Railways of BeckenhamNoodle Books£18.00
Richard MaunsellOakwood Press£9.60
Sabotaged and Defeated Revisited: Pre and Post Closure Views on the Somerset & DorsetNoodle Books£16.00
Sabotaged and Defeated: A Final glimpse - Bath to EvercreechNoodle Books£18.00
Sabotaged and Defeated: A Final glimpse - Burnham to Evercreech and on to BournemouthNoodle Books£18.00
Scenes around the SouthernNoodle Books£10.00
Signal Boxes of the LSWR: A Study of Architectural Style Oakwood Press£9.60
Solent SteamIan Allan£13.60
Somerset & Dorset Sunset Capital Transport Publishing£15.20
Somerset & Dorset: Life on the Bath to Bournemouth LineIan Allan£16.00
Somerset Steam Capital Transport Publishing£7.20
South Eastern & Chatham Railway Carriages Black Dwarf Lightmoor£16.00
Southampton Quayside Steam Kestrel Railway Books£13.60
Southern Branch Lines Capital Transport Publishing£13.60
Southern Coaches in ColourNoodle Books£14.40
Southern Counties Branch Line SteamCapital Transport Publishing£15.20
Southern Counties Main Line SteamCapital Transport Publishing£15.20
Southern DEMU AlbumCapital Transport Publishing£13.60
Southern Electric AlbumCapital Transport Publishing£13.60
Southern Electric Slam-Door Stock: The Final Years Ian Allan£12.00
Southern Electric Units: Drawings and PlansNoodle Books£20.00
Southern Electric: volume 1: The suburban networkCapital Transport Publishing£20.00
Southern Electric: volume 2: The main line networkCapital Transport Publishing£20.00
Southern Infrastructure 1922-1934: Stations/signalling/Trackwork v1Noodle Books£13.20
Southern Infrastructure 1922-1934: Stations/signalling/Trackwork v2Noodle Books£13.20
Southern Rails around SouthamptonHolne Publishing£18.40
Southern Rails on Southampton DocksHolne Publishing£18.40
Southern Rails on the Isle of Wight: volume 1 (Imperfect seconds!!)Holne Publishing£8.00
Southern Rails on the Isle of Wight: volume 2Holne Publishing£16.00
Southern Railway Halts, Survey and Gazateer Oakwood Press£3.20
Southern Railway Passenger ServicesIan Allan£10.40
Southern Region Engineman Noodle Books£9.60
Southern Region Flashback: The South Western main line through Hampshire in the 1950'sNoodle Books£8.00
Southern Region in ColourNoodle Books£14.00
Southern Region Memories - Photographs from the Bluebell Museum ArchiveNoodle Books£11.20
Southern Vans and Coaches in ColourNoodle Books£14.00
Southern Wagons in ColourNoodle Books£14.00
Southern Wagons PictorialOPC£24.00
Southern Way Special 2: Southern Colour in the 60'sNoodle Books£12.00
Southern Way Special 6: Wartime Southern Part 3Noodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 7: Southern Colour in the 60's - A Further SelectionNoodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 8: The Other Side of the Southern Accidents, Incidents and OccasionsNoodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 9: Scrapping the SouthernNoodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 10: S C Townroe's Journey in SteamNoodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 11: The Booster Loco's CC1/CC2/20003Noodle Books£13.20
Southern Way Special 12: Third Rail CentenaryNoodle Books£13.20
Southern Way: Issue 2Noodle Books£9.60
Southern Way: Issue 3 (OOP)Noodle Books£9.60
Southern Way: Issue 8Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 10Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 11Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 13Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 14Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 15Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 16Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 17Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 18Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 19Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 20Noodle Books£10.40
Southern Way: Issue 24Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 25Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 26Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 27Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 28Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 29Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 30Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 31Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 32Noodle Books£11.60
Southern Way: Issue 33Noodle Books£11.60
St John's, Lewisham Oakwood Press£10.40
Steam on the Southern: A colour portfolio (OOP)Ian Allan£12.00
Steam on West Country Branches Ian Allan£12.00
Steam Trails - The Withered Arm Ian Allan£13.60
Surrey Steam Capital Transport Publishing£7.20
Swanage 125 Years of Railways - Brian JacksonOakwood Press£13.60
The Atlantic Coast Express - The Bude Branch (OOP)Waterfront£8.00
The Axminster & Lyme Regis Light RailwayOakwood Press£11.20
The Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway (Reprint)Barton Publishing£15.20
The Bishops Waltham BranchWild Swan£6.40
The Bodmin & Wadebridge RailwayTwelveheads Press£31.20
The Book of the H15 and S15 4-6-0'sIrwell Press£22.40
The Book of the King Arthurs 4-6-0'sIrwell Press£21.60
The Book of the Lord Nelsons Irwell Press£13.60
The Book of the Lord Nelson's: A photographic accompaniment 1Irwell Press£5.60
The Book of the Lord Nelson's: A photographic accompaniment 2Irwell Press£8.00
The Book of the M7 4-4-0T'sIrwell Press£22.40
The Book of the Merchant Navy Pacifics Irwell Press£23.20
The Book of the Schools 4-4-0'sIrwell Press£15.20
The Book of the T9 4-4-0'sIrwell Press£22.40
The Book of the West Country and Battle of Britain PacificsIrwell Press£21.00
The Changing Railway Scene: Southern RegionIan Allan£13.60
The Crystal Palace High Level BranchBlack Dwarf Lightmoor£10.80
The Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway: The Final Years 1948 - 1966Noodle Books£30.40
The Electro-Diesels:An Illustrated History of Class 73 and 74OPC£16.00
The Hawkhurst BranchWild Swan£21.60
The Hidden Railways of Portsmouth & GosportKestrel Railway Books£14.40
The Kent & East Sussex RailwayWild Swan£28.00
The Leader ProjectOPC£10.40
The Longmoor Military Railway volume 1: 1903 to 1939Black Dwarf Lightmoor£20.00
The Longmoor Military Railway volume 2: World War Two and the Cold War eraBlack Dwarf Lightmoor£20.00
The Longmoor Military Railway volume 3: Final Years and closure, Locomotives & Rolling StockBlack Dwarf Lightmoor£24.00
The LSWR at Nine ElmsKestrel Railway Books£28.00
The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Measured and DrawnStephen Phillips£52.00
The Meon Valley Railway Part 1: Building the LineNoodle Books£12.00
The Meon Valley Railway Part 2: A Rural BackwaterNoodle Books£13.60
The Meon Valley Railway Part 3: Closure and BeyondNoodle Books£13.60
The North Devon Line: The Southern line from Exeter to IlfracombeIrwell Press£24.00
The Okehampton Line Yeoford to Plymouth (OOP)Irwell Press£21.60
The Piers, Tramways and Railways at RydeOakwood Press£13.60
The Power of the Bulleid Light PacificsOPC£16.00
The Railways of Gosport Noodle Books£12.00
The Railways of Purbeck (OOP)Oakwood Press£6.40
The Salisbury and Dorset Junction RailwayKestrel Railway Books£14.40
The Somerset & Dorset Files 1Irwell Press£8.80
The Somerset & Dorset Files 2Irwell Press£8.80
The Somerset & Dorset Files 3Irwell Press£8.80
The Somerset & Dorset Files 4Irwell Press£8.80
The Somerset & Dorset Files 5Irwell Press£8.80
The Somerset & Dorset Files 6Irwell Press£9.60
The Somerset & Dorset RailwayBlack Dwarf Lightmoor£18.00
The Southern around LondonIan Allan£12.00
The Southern Railway: Victoria StationNoodle Books£1.00
The Southern SceneIan Allan£16.00
The Steaming Sixties 4: The Withered ArmIrwell Press£9.60
The Steaming Sixties 6: Woking to WeymouthIrwell Press£9.60
The Steaming Sixties 7: Southern ShoreIrwell Press£9.60
The Story of the USA Tanks Kestrel Railway Books£11.20
The Torrington to Marland Light RailwayKestrel Railway Books£11.20
Through the ranks on the Southern Oakwood Press£11.20
Under 10 CME's Volume 1: Dugald Drummond to W A StanierOakwood Press£13.60
Under 10 CME's Volume 2: C E Fairburn to J F HarrisonOakwood Press£13.60
Waterloo and City Oakwood Press£28.00
Waterloo to Southampton Line (OOP)Oakwood Press£3.20
Waterloo to Southampton Steam Noodle Books£12.80
Waterloo to WeymouthIan Allan£24.00
West Country Engine Sheds Ian Allan£13.60
West from Salisbury Millstream Books£16.00
Weybridge Station Weybridge Historical Society£4.00
Yeovil - 150 years of Railways (OOP)Oakwood Press£12.00