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ADD501 Photo taken from the signalbox. Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 at Mortlake station on an up special train. First coach is a 46? 6? corridor third or composite built in 1908 for emigrant traffic. The headcode suggests that the train is going to Willesden via Gunnersbury. If so, it should have turned left at Richmond. Conductor rails in place. *
ADD512 Photo taken from the signalbox. Drummond M7 0-4-4T 674 (1897) waiting to leave Mortlake on a Windsor - Waterloo train of bogie block stock. Conductor rails not yet installed. Good view of up starting signal with co-acting arms. *
ADD502 Photo taken from the signalbox. Drummond M7 0-4-4T 674 (Nine Elms 1897) at Mortlake station on a Windsor - Waterloo train, consisting of a 24 ft parcels van and a single 4-coach bogie block set. Train standing well back from the platform end, on a rainy day. Conductor rails not yet installed. *
ADD505 Photo taken from the signalbox. Mortlake station, showing the footbridge and both platforms. In the distance, an Adams A12 class Jubilee 0-4-2 is arriving on a Windsor - Waterloo train. Conductor rails in place. *
ADD500 Photo taken from the vegetable plot East of the cottage. T1 0-4-4T 6 (Nine Elms 1894) leaving Mortlake on a Waterloo - Waterloo train via Hounslow and Twickenham. Train comprises a 30 ft 6-wheel passenger brake van and 48/50 ft non-corridor bogie coaches. A main line stopping train set is probably standing in for bogie block sets whilst these are being rebuilt as electric units. Conductor rails in place. *
ADD520 Up Hounslow train, Adams 4-4-2T running bunker first, at Chiswick. Detail of signal on left with co-acting stop arms and a distant arm, with Coligny Welch lamp. Dated 1914. Some, but not all, conductor rails in place. *