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ADD520 Up Hounslow train, Adams 4-4-2T running bunker first, at Chiswick. Detail of signal on left with co-acting stop arms and a distant arm, with Coligny Welch lamp. Dated 1914. Some, but not all, conductor rails in place. *
ADD521 Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 699 ( D?bs 3522 of 1897) at Chiswick on a Brent to Battersea (MR yard) coal train. First two wagons are MR. Conductor rails lying in the 4ft of the down line. *
ADD522 North London Railway train, outside cylinder 4-4-0T, approaching Richmond on the LSWR line from Gunnersbury. Inside and outside conductor rails for Metropolitan District Railway trains installed. *
ADD523 Drummond 7xx series T9 class 4-4-0 (Locos 702 - 732 and 773 by D?bs 1899-1901) on Ascot race train, headcode is Members and 1st Class Race Train via East Putney and Twickenham. Location not identified. Train consists of arc roofed 6 wheel stock. No conductor rails in place. *
ADD524 Photo taken from the garden of the railway cottage. Drummond K10 4-4-0 (40 locos built Nine Elms 1901-2) approachingMortlake on a down Ascot race train. Train comprises an elliptical roofed bogie brake coach with end duckets and arc roofed bogie stock. Dated 1911. *
ADD525 Photo taken from the footbridge of Mortlake station showing the level crossing, signalbox and railway cottage beyond. No conductor rails in place. *