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ADF924 Drummond L12 class 4-4-0 425 (Nine Elms 1904). Right front view, location unknown, but carrying Waterloo - Southampton Docks headcode, with a special train disc. c. 1905. *
ADF913 Drummond M7 0-4-4T E25 (Nine Elms 1899) at Merton Abbey on a push-pull train consisting of two coaches of a bogie block set. HC Casserley photo 23 August 1927. *
ADF919 Drummond T14 class 4-6-0 458 (Eastleigh 1912), at Eastleigh after rebuilding with superheater 1915. Front left side, loco still in Drummond livery. *
ADF925 Drummond T7 class 4-2-2-0 720, with large boiler fitted 1904. Front view in Platform 5 of ?New? Waterloo, on a Bournemouth express, c. 1910. *
ADF911 Drummond T9 4-4-0 300 (Nine Elms 1900). LH side view, at Nine Elms, c. 1905. Loco is as built, except for transfer numerals replacing the original oval cabside numberplate. *
ADF323 Ex LB&SCR Billinton L class 4-6-4T E328 (Brighton 1914), Marsh J1 class 4-6-2T E325 (Brighton 1910) and L class E333 (Brighton 1922). Left front view of three big tank engines in a line, in the 1920s. *
ADF030 Ex LB&SCR D1 0-4-2T 2233 (Ex HANDCROSS), right front view, taking water at Horsham 6 June 1938. Wheels hidden by platform. *
ADF029 Ex LB&SCR D1 class 0-4-2T 2361 (ex UPPERTON) Right hand rear view at Dorking on the last steam trip of the Horsham - Dorking service, Whit Mon 6 June 1938. *
ADF027 Ex LSWR 6-wheel brake third 4747, still lettered LSWR, at Walton on Thames c. 1927/8. 32 ft brake third 431 (1891), became fruit train brake c. 1922. *
ADF031 Ex LSWR Beyer Peacock 0-6-0ST 0331 (Beyer Peacock 2126, 1876. Drummond boiler fitted 1924). Right hand broadside with another 0-6-0ST on the left and M7 0-4-4T 357 on the right. *