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ADG730 LC&DR 0-4-2 1 BRIGAND. One of two locos built by Sharp Stewart (1269 of 1860) for the G&SWR, but sold to the LC&DR. Later SE&CR 460. Right broadside, photo from H.A.Vallance collection. *
ADG731 SE&CR J class 0-6-4T 614 (Ashford, 1913). Right broadside in photo grey livery. *
ADG732 SE&CR M3 class 4-4-0 469. Built Longhedge 1901 to LC&D design, but new to SE&CR. At Longhedge, right front view. *
ADG733 SE&CR Ex SER Stirling A class 4-4-0 166 (Ashford, 1880). Right broadside of loco only. *
ADG734 SE&CR ex SER Q class 0-4-4T 237 (Ashford, 1887). Grey livery with lettering SE 237 CR. Slade Green 3 August 1921. Right broadside photo by A. Cawston. *
ADG735 SE&CR ex SER Q class 0-4-4T 344 (Neilson Reid 3931, 1889). Right rear view on a train at East Croydon? in SE&CR lined green livery. *
ADG900 Centre Van 48 ft Brake Composite Coach 522 (1894). Side view of ? of the coach on a temporary bridge over the River Axe at Woodhayne, near Axminster, following flood damage, 15 Feb 1900. *
ADG901 Farnborough station, looking East from the up platform, probably c. 1910. *
ADG902 Exmouth Junction shed, looking West with the turntable in the foreground, c. 1920. *
ADG903 Brockenhurst station, looking West from the up end of the down platform, c. 1870. *