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ADG924 Drummond K10 4-4-0 153 (Nine Elms 1902), with the Nine Elms 36T breakdown crane (Ransomes & Rapier, 1918). Presumably the same incident as ADG925, but the coach has gone. c. 1920. *
ADG925 The Nine Elms 36T breakdown crane (Ransomes & Rapier, 1918), lifting bogie block set brake third coach 1344 (1905). The leading bogie of the coach is on the right. K10 locomotive153 on the breakdown train and A-box behind the crane. c. 1920. *
ADG926 Urie H15 Class 4-6-0 486 (Eastleigh 1914) Front left side in photographic grey. *
ADG927 Drummond P14 class 4-6-0 449 (Eastleigh 1910). Left side at Eastleigh when new. *
ADG928 Drummond F13 class 4-6-0 334 (Nine Elms 1905), left side, without tender, at Nine Elms as built. *
ADG929 Shanks (Arbroath) 0-4-0ST 109 SOUTHAMPTON, one of three locos bought 1876-9 for working the Royal Pier tramway at Southampton. At the landward end of the Royal Pier platform, coupled to a 48ft brake third. Two men sit on the fence on the left whilst a top hatted gent strides out of the photo to the right. *
ADG930 Adams O2 0-4-4T 190 (Nine Elms 1890) Left side view in Adams livery, lettered L&SWR. *
ADG931 Adams X2 class 4-4-0 596 (Nine Elms 1892), left front view of loco only, at Nine Elms in Adams livery. *
ADG932 Adams A12 class 0-4-2 613 (Neilson 4512 of 1892). Front right view in Urie livery, c. 1920. *
ADG933 Right rear view of chassis and boiler of Drummond L12 class 4-4-0 (Nine Elms 1904) in Nine Elms Works. Probably 421, damaged in the Salisbury accident on 1.7.1906, after removal of running plate, cab, splashers and smokebox. (See next two photos) *