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ADH010 Adams A12 class 0-4-2 542 (Nine Elms 1888). Right hand side view with 348 class tender in Urie livery, c. 1920. *
ADH011 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 282 (Nine Elms 1899, bogie tender provided 1902) West of Seaton Junction on a down express consisting of a 44ft luggage brake and 48 ft non-corridor stock, c. 1905. *
ADH012 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 337 (Nine Elms 1901) at Petersfield on a Waterloo - Portsmouth train of 48 ft non-corridor stock. Loco is as built but has lost its oval numberplate, c. 1910. *
ADH013 Beyer Peacock single framed 0-6-0 0307 (Beyer Peacock 1365 of 1874), reboilered 1886 and duplicated 1901. Left side front at Nine Elms, c. 1910. *
ADH014 Urie H16 class 4-6-2T 516 (Eastleigh 1921). Left side front view in photographic grey livery. *
ADH015 Adams 415 class 4-4-2T 429 (R Stephenson 2503 of 1883), left hand front view at the buffers of Platform 3 of the new Waterloo, c. 1912. Details of water cranes to left and right. *
ADH016 Adams O2 class 0-4-4T 208 (Nine Elms 1891). Right hand side view as built but in Drummond livery, at Fratton c. 1900. *
ADH017 Beyer Peacock 0-6-0ST 409 (Beyer Peacock 2131 of 1882). Left side front view at Nine Elms c. 1900. *
ADH018 Beattie standard 2-4-0T with rectangular splashers. It is either of the series 44, 325 - 329 (Beyer Peacock 1533-1538 of 1875) or one of the Nine Elms built locos. The loco in the photo has some details which fit existing photos of the 1875 BP locos whilst other details fit the Nine Elms locos. More likely a Nine Elms loco, which would merit an official photo. Left side view at Nine Elms when new, standing outside the office building of the old Nine Elms straight running shed. No number visible as it only appeared on the buffer beams. *
ADH019 0-4-0ST 109 SOUTHAMPTON (Shanks, Arbroath 1876). Right side view at the landward end of the Royal Pier station, Southampton. c. 1905. *