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20 February 2024 Addded Andover - Redbridge and Salisbury to West Moors to the Chivers LSWR Line Survey collection.
19 February 2024 Addded Southampton and Dorchester Railway to the Chivers LSWR Line Survey collection.
16 February 2024 Addded Published Drawings List: 7th Edition 1999 to the Members area in the Circle Documentation collection.
14 February 2024 Addded BOT Accident Reports 1860-1865 and 1846 letter from Chairman to Sahreholders to the LSWR Misc documents collection.
13 February 2024 Addded USA Tanks album to Eyers SR locomotives collection
13 February 2024 Addded 5 albums to Eyers folders to complete the work on the Etyers collection.
13 February 2024 Addded 7 Minute books to the LSWR Minutes collection.
12 February 2024 Sales service updated to include both special offers and secondhand books.
08 February 2024 The embeded Twitter feed that no longer works following the move from Twitter to X has been replaced by a link to the SWC X(Twitter) page.
05 February 2024 Added Official Station Track plan tos the Drawings service
01 February 2024 SWC CD removed from menu while issues with website hosting are resolved.
09 December 2023 Added 5 albums to new Eyers Miscellaneous menu entry
26 November 2023 Added 14 albums to Eyers SR locomotive images
24 November 2023 Added 7 albums to new Eyers Coaching Stock and Wagons menu entry
23 November 2023 Added Class 700 to Eyers Drummond Locomotive images