South Western Circle

The Historical Society for the London & South Western Railway

Drawings Service

The Circle runs a drawings service for its members, from which they may purchase a wide variety of drawings. There are two collections of drawings, Microfilm and Standard.

The Circle Drawings service is provided as a benefit for members only. To take advantage of the benefits of obtaining the latest relevant books and publications at the discounted rate please consider joining the Circle via our joining page here. 

Microfilm Collection

The Microfilm collection consists of microfilmed copies of original drawings. As some of these drawings are of considerable age the quality varies, and is indicated in the lists from A, good to D, poor.

The size column shows the nearest metric size to that of the original drawing, but as they are printed from the microfilm they can be purchased in any size from A4 up to A1. When ordering copies you should note the reduction from the original size. It is likely that an A0 original printed on A4 will be difficult to read. In general A3 or A2 are usually the better sizes to use for the larger original sized drawings.

Where an original drawing number is available this is also shown.

Drawings from the Microfilm collection can be identified from their Circle Drawing number where the 2nd segment starts with MF. (e.g SWC/MFP/003). When ordering please quote the drawing number and size required.

Standard Collection

The Standard collection contains drawings that have been prepared for the Circle and are held as paper master copies. These are only available at the size they were drawn. When ordering please quote the drawing number

Drawing Costs

The cost of drawings depends on the size of the copy you require and the collection from which it comes. 

Size Price £ Standard Price £ Microfilm
A4 0.15 0.15
A3 1.80 1.80
A2 4.80 4.80
A1 6.00 6.00

Ordering Information

We are unable to take orders over the internet or take payment by credit card, so all orders must be by post and payment by cheque.

For orders from with the UK postage and packing is calculated at the rate 40p per £1 or part thereof, with a minimum of £2.20. Any excess will be returned.

For Overseas orders you should contact the Drawings Controller prior to placing an order to arrange payment details and to confirm postage, which will be charged according to air or surface mail rates.

Orders and enquiries should be sent to:

Drawings Controller,
27, Harts Gardens, Guildford,