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ADD708 Epsom LSWR station in SR days with an ex LB&SCR E4 0-6-2T bunker first on a short freight. The platform roads are electrified, but not the middle roads, dating the photo to between electrification of Raynes Park - Guildford in July 1925 and rebuilding the station for the Sutton - Epsom electrification in 1929.. *
ADD709 Adams A12 (Jubilee) class 0-4-2. 597-656 series (1893 -95) Rear view of right hand side, standing in a yard. Loco has a Drummond chimney and is in Urie livery, probably c. 1920. *
ADD710 Beattie Centaur class 7ft 2-4-0 96 CASTOR, built Nine Elms 1868. Left front photo at Nine Elms after rebuilding with boiler from Beyer Peacock 0-6-0 286 in 1887. Loco retains its slotted leading splasher and curved cab side sheet, withdrawn 1894. *
ADD711 Drummond T7 4-2-2-0 720 passing Winchester Junction on an up train. Loco has wide cab and splashers but still has the original boiler, dating it to between 1900 and 1903. Train consists of a 24 ft passenger luggage and a 4? set of 30 ft van and 4 48 ft non-corridors, with further coaches on the rear. The photographer was standing in the 4 ft of the Alton line, and details of the point connecting the single line to the up and down main lines are in the foreground. *
ADD712 Southern Railway period photo of Drummond T9 4-4-0 119 (Built 1899, superheated 1923) on a special train. Headcode discs and board carry the numerals 14, 23 and L. In 1935, 119 was given a special finish for running royal, and other prestige, special trains. First coach is a Maunsell Restriction 1 nondescript open, followed by a restaurant car. Train is passing a level crossing on an electrified line. First guess would be a special for the Portsmouth naval review in 1938, somwhere between Guildford and Havant. *
ADD713 Adams O2 class 0-4-4Ts 206 and 211 being delivered to Ryde Pierhead by the Admiralty floating crane in May 1923. 211 is in the air and 206 is still on the deck of Crane Lighter No. 2. An IoW Railway 2-4-0T stands on the left. 206 and 211 were the only two O2s to be delivered to the Island still in LSWR livery, and the only two delivered to Ryde Pierhead buy this means. Other locos were delivered either to St Helens or Medina Wharf. 206 and 211 became Isle of Wight 19 OSBORNE and 20 SHANKLIN. *
ADD714 Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T of the first (1897) series, as built and lettered SWR. Side view photo at a coaling stage, probably at one of the small London Suburban sheds. *
ADD715 Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T 129 (Eastleigh 1911). Left front view of the loco running bunker first, coupled to a 48 ft brake third coach. Loco is in Urie livery, and has lost its feedwater heater, c. 1920. *
ADD716 Drummond P14 class 4-6-0 451 (Eastleigh 1911) at Waterloo. Left rear view of loco only, with A box and signal gantry beyond the smokebox. c. 1912. *
ADD717 Urie N15 class 4-6-0 743 (Eastleigh 1919) at Axminster on a down express August 1919. Right front view from track level, rear of drop flap ground signal in front of loco.. *