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ADF930 Beattie standard 2-4-0T 191 (Beyer Peacock 392 of 1864), at Petersfield c. 1880. Left front view. Feedwater heater has been removed, but the loco still has a Beattie chimney and no vacuum brake. This is a selective enlargement, of the loco only, from a photograph showing also Petersfield Yard Signalbox and the four coach train. *
ADF935 Adams T1 class 0-4-4T No. 8 (Nine Elms 1894). Left side of loco, as built in Adams livery, lettered LSWR, at Nine Elms. *
ADF934 Adams T1 class 0-4-4T No. 66 (Nine Elms 1888). Left side of loco, as built in Adams livery, lettered L&SWR, at Nine Elms. *
ADF933 Adams T1 class 0-4-4T (Nine Elms 1896). Loco as completed by Drummond, lettered S.W.R, with Drummond style numberplate and conical smokebox door. Left side view at Nine Elms. *
ADF912 Adams G6 class 0-6-0T 262 (Nine Elms 1894), shunting three open wagons at Staines in the 1890s. Station building seen behind the wagons, part of a road vehicle truck, carrying a road van, on the right. Crew and station staff posing in front of, and on, the loco. *
ADF931 Adams B4 class 0-4-0T 98 CHERBOURG (Nine Elms 1893). Right front view at Southampton Docks shed, probably 1930s. *
ADF932 Adams A12 class 0-4-2 535 (Nine Elms 1887).Right side view in the 1890s, lettered L&SWR with Large Beyer tender. *
ADF018 1925 3-SUB unit going away from the camera on a single track connection from a 4-track main line, probably Bickley Junction. *