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ADF326 SR Ex LSWR Drummond F9 class 4-2-4T inspection saloon 58S. Built Nine Elms 1899 as Drummond?s personal transport. Renumbered 58S in 1924. Left broadside photo between 1924 and 1933. The loco portion still has Drummond double lining, but with no lettering apart from the number 58S on the saloon. *
ADF026 SR Ex LSWR Drummond C14 class 0-4-0T E0744 (Built Nine Elms1907 as 0-2-2T, rebuilt as 0-4-0T 1923) at Eastleigh , with D15 4-4-0 466 behind. *
ADF022 SR Ex LB&SCR D3 0-4-4T on a special train of SE&CR and LB&SCR non-corridor stock, on a 4-track electrified main line. *
ADF024 SR Ex LB&SCR D1 0-4-2T B 297 on a Horsham - Dorking North motor train. *
ADF007 SR Ex LB&SCR (SR Diag 1528) cattle van 53372 at Newport (IoW). 1920s or 30s. *
ADF006 SR Ex LB&SCR (SR Diag 1436) 10T van 46960 at Newport (IoW). 1920s or 30s. *
ADF008 SR Ex LB&SCR (SR Diag 1369) 10T open 27755 at Newport (IoW). 1920s or 30s. *
ADF028 SR electric power van for the 1925 Coulsdon and Sutton electrification. In the centre of a 5-car electric unit at west Croydon 1928. *
ADF303 SR Drummond Ex LSWR T14 class 4-6-0 E446 (Eastleigh 1911, superheated 1915). Left front view in Southern livery in the 1920s. *
ADF334 SR Drummond Ex LSWR superheated L12 class 4-4-0 E418 (Nine Elms 1904, superheated 191x). Left broadside with 8-wheel tender at Nine Elms. *