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ADF005 SE Ex SE&CR E1 class 4-4-0 A163 (Ashford 1909, rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1920). Front right side at the buffers at Victoria with an SE&CR brake third behind. Early SR days, loco still has SE&CR cabside plate. *
ADF903 Ruthern Bridge terminus on the Bodmin & Wadebridge? *
ADF017 Platform view of Purley station. Ex LB&SCR C2X class 0-6-0 (distant) on a special train. Good detail of cantilevered overhead line structure in the foreground. *
ADF909 Nine Elms Breakdown Crane No. 1, 20T crane built by Stothert & Pitt, 1908. *
ADF327 Locomotives on Eastleigh? shed, probably about 1945-8. On the left is an Adams Jubilee 0-4-2 of the 1892-95 series. Behind this are a Urie 4-6-0, the newly painted tender of a Bulleid MN 4-6-2 and one of the 330 series H15s. On the right are another Jubilee and an Adams 395 class 0-6-0. *
ADF034 Ex LSWR superheated T9 class 4-4-0 E 119 (Nine Elms 1899, superheated 1923) at Waterloo, piloting N15 4-6-0 E 785 on a Bournemouth express. *
ADF032 Ex LSWR superheated 700 class 0-6-0, in a cutting (location not identified) on seven 40T ballast hoppers and brake van. First hopper is 1926 Metro Cammell built, the next two are ex LSWR J&R Turner wagons. *
ADF033 Ex LSWR Drummond C8 class 4-4-0 E 199 (Nine Elms 1898) at Waterloo, left front view. 3 March 1930. *
ADF031 Ex LSWR Beyer Peacock 0-6-0ST 0331 (Beyer Peacock 2126, 1876. Drummond boiler fitted 1924). Right hand broadside with another 0-6-0ST on the left and M7 0-4-4T 357 on the right. *
ADF027 Ex LSWR 6-wheel brake third 4747, still lettered LSWR, at Walton on Thames c. 1927/8. 32 ft brake third 431 (1891), became fruit train brake c. 1922. *